Founder of MMV Architetti Associati in 1967
Freelance architect in Italy and abroad, characterizing significant productions in the field of residential-tourist structures in early 70’s 
Architecting public housing and relevant social implications, and numerous innovative state public housing projects in late 70’s
Collaboration with Texas Instruments, and specialization the design  of  industrial  constructions  and  facilities, dedicated  to  the  production  of  the  utilization  of  electronic  material  and  equipment in 80’s
Founder of AMA GROUP in 1989, engaged with numerous technologically advanced projects in the field of semiconductor industries worldwide
Lead Architect in design and construction of large complexes for the research and production of semiconductor plants in Europe, Far East and U.S.A.
Founder of A.M. Architetti in 1992
Execution of advanced technological industrial structures, in cooperation with American and Japanese specialists

Prof. Alfonso Mercurio