• Member of the board of MATIBA Association (Manufacturers and Technologists Industrialized Building Association of Iran)
  • Founder and Chairman of the board and Managing Director, Zasnous Development Engineering & Construction Company.
  • Founder and Chairman of the board, Zanous Industries and Mines International Company
  • Founder and Director and Member of the Board of development & promoting of culture and Arts
  • Share holder and Director of Parseh Trade Finance, Ireland
  • Founder and chairman of Zanous Motor kish
  • Chairman of ZANOUS Consortium (with 21 Consultant and Contractor Companies member)

Scientific Skills:
BS, Computer, Software Engineering
CV summery of Nader Azimi Naeeni
MSC, Artificial Intelligence & Robotic and control systems

  • MSC, Architecture and urban development
  • Graduate from Building Management Systems in Architecture Engineering.
  • Diploma of Astrology & Astronomy science

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