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Dr. Cesare Lombrassa Eng. Mahdyar Kokabzadeh Pouri Azizi Samanta Amani Azadeh Soleymani
Eng. Niloofar Vosooghnia Azita Shervani Shideh Bahrami Irena Staffi Flora Alfonso

The Process(Farayand) is a knowledge Base Group and shaped for EPCFO Projects in the Field of Industrial Development , established from 1966 to current times, and is recognized throughout the world. They are noted for magazines in diverse fields including: Art, Architecture, Industrial Development and Law Firms. With an overall amount of twenty-five million subscribers and forty-five million weekly visitors on social media. Providing twenty-thousand public lessons in various subjects such as engineering, mathematics, physics, and art. The Process Group designs, supervises, and manages more than thousands of engineering projects. More information can be displayed on group portals at: